We had a great showing from the EAC at the 2016 National Convention in Chicago. Those attending were some of the first to see the sorority’s new branding and Foundation initiatives, as well as participating in creating a human Alzheimer’s Association logo for future fundraising and awareness efforts. The chapter is very proud of our sisters who are national volunteers and on advisory boards as well as those serving as Foundation trustees. It was also very exciting to hear our name announced as we received honorable mentions in public relations, communications, and the Elizabeth Gorham Hoag Awards, meaning we were considered a top chapter not in a collegiate community.

We have a very active membership in London. In 2016, our sisters have enjoyed days out in the park, baby showers, dinners, and hosting other sisters passing through the city. There's always something going in with the EAC in London town!

You might think that having members all over the world makes sisterhood difficult. But our members would prove you wrong! Throughout the year, sisters are getting together to share a meal, catch up, and celebrate their Sigma Kappa bonds. Sisters have met up in Germany, Australia, and Belgium, among other places in 2016.

International Badge Day 2016


This year we had sisters in London, Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, and Germany share their Sigma Kappa and Panhellenic pride by wearing their badge.

Annual Meeting 2015: Rotterdam


Over 20 sisters gathered in Rotterdam for the first weekend of November for our 18th Annual Meeting. We opened the weekend with welcome drinks at the Bilderberg Parkhotel and our annual grab bag extravaganza where goodies from all over the world, including jewelry, home decor, and chocolate were exchanged. 

We also honored Nancy, who has attended 16 annual meetings, and a large turnout of sisters for whom this was their first annual meeting experience. Crystal C and Crystal W were also recognized for travelling almost 5,000 miles from Texas and Colorado, respectively, to attend the weekend.  


Tessa, our hostess, planned wonderful meals throughout the weekend. I think we may have broken an annual weekend record with the bill we racked up at the historic Hotel New York for dinner on Saturday night! We were also treated to a walking lunch tour, highlighting some very interesting connections between the first American colonists and Rotterdam. Sisters staying on Sunday also had tea and took in more of the interesting mixture of traditional and very modern sights and sounds of the city. 

It wasn't all delicious meals and hotel dance parties- we also got down to business at our chapter meeting and installed a new set of officers. We held a Founder's Day Ceremony where we also honored more sisters- Cynthia  and Jenna both received their 25-year pins and Gina was honored with the Pearl Court Award for her ongoing service and dedication to the EAC.

Every year we have members of the EAC who open up their homes during the holidays, whether to friends and fellow EACers or any Sigma Kappa abroad, and this past Thanksgiving was no exception.  Thanksgiving with Gina in Italy is rather renowned in our group and she generously extends an open invite to her fellow sorority sisters every year. This past November, a senior university student from New Jersey, was experiencing her study abroad program in Prague and decided to join Gina and her family for Thanksgiving.  Joined by another Sigma Kappa living in Italy, the three were able to enjoy the holiday as sisters.  Morgan also wrote about her time in Italy for her chapters blog, sharing her insights and feelings from the experience.

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