Over the years, many Sigma Kappa's have asked EAC members how they were able to move and work abroad.  In efforts to help our fellow sisters experience all that Europe and the world has to offer, we have decided to share our experiences in hopes they can help others who crave a global adventure.  As job opportunities abroad can be difficult to obtain because of visa and work permit requirements- many of our sisters living abroad work for US-based companies, have EU citizenship, went to university abroad, have visas through their spouses, are in the US military, or work in fields considered "shortage occupations" with less stringent work permit regulations. 

Interested in moving abroad?

For me, the hardest part of moving abroad was just getting abroad.  Originally I wanted to find a job to move but found it hard to be taken seriously as a candidate while in the US, so I came to London to do my masters. It was a lot easier to find employment afterwards as I was already in the city and I was ultimately able to stay because I have European citizenship. 


-Katherine, London

I worked in the UK for several years as an occupational therapist (a shortage occupation) and even then I had to move over to the UK to look for work for a few months before I found a clinic willing to sponsor my work visa. It wasn't easy, but it was definitely worth it for me. I've even maintained my connection to the European Alumnae Chapter after moving back to the US, as many of our members have. 

-Alisa, Chicago

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